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About Us

A lab is where people discover and learn. With over 70 wines by the glass, tasting flights that change every week, and winery events, you’ll be able to do just that. In addition we have craft beers on tap and by the bottle, artisan cheese platters, tapas, and desserts for you to enjoy. We hope you are curious about wine and want to try new things. If not, we’ll make sure you have a good glass of wine no matter what your mood. Most of our wine, beer and cheese is also available to go. Any wine in our inventory (over 400 bottles) may be opened at the bar.

Our staff is constantly tasting new wines, beers and cheeses with all of your palates in mind  (Yes, it is a hard job, and you’ll be glad we do it!) We are especially dedicated to finding interesting wines from family vineyards and small artisan producers. We also keep our customers in mind by offering affordable wines that prove you don’t have to spend a lot to impress or be impressed. We offer over 180 bottles for $20 or less to go for you to take home and enjoy or share with family and friends.

Wine Lab is also the only bar in OC to have an eight wine tap system. It allows us to offer higher quality wines at a lower cost and they are served at the perfect temperature. We work with winemakers to source keg wines of amazing quality, some of which never see a bottle. Keg wines are also better for the environment.

Wine Flights: Tasting flights include a 2 ounce pour of 3 (or more) wines. Flights change every week (always posted to our front page) to give you an opportunity to taste something new. Typically we offer 1 White Wine flight (usually between $9-$14), a Red Wine Flight (between $9-$15) and a Top Red Flight (usually between $15-$25). The Top Red flight offers more expensive red wines that are often in limited supply. We’re there to give you as much, or as little, information about the wines as you like.  If you tasted our flights every week you would experience over 500 wines every year!

Whites and Reds by the glass: We try to keep a diverse selection available and offer everything from dry white wines to sweet and bubbly and from earthy French reds to sweet Ruby Ports (click for current list.) Glass offerings change from time to time and many have 2 glass discounts when it is from a half bottle. When possible, we offer half glasses as well. Our goal is to give you as many options as we can. It’s your wine journey and we want to help.  If you visited us every week, you would be able to taste over 400 different wines a year!

In addition to our flights, wines on tap, and wines by the glass, we have an extensive retail selection. If you see something you’d like to drink at the bar, just pull it off the shelf and note the “Bar” price which includes service. We are happy to open (decant if appropriate) and pour for you. Otherwise, take a bottle home and at the very competitive “To Go” price.

Beer: We have 6 craft beers on tap which rotate regularly taking advantage of seasonal brews and local producers.  A selection of bottled beers range from old favorites to specialty beers (click for current list.)

Food: We offer flat bread pizzas, cheese plates, fresh breads with goat butter, and desserts. However, we do not have a full kitchen.  If you’re in the mood for more substantial fair, please feel free to bring in food from any other restaurant at The Camp. Native Foods and East Borough will even deliver it to you at our bar after you have ordered and paid.

Natura water is available both still and sparkling ($1) to keep you hydrated and happy. It’s better than bottled water and we think it’s the the greenest water on the planet (click for info)

A few wine tasting tips:

  • 80% of taste is smell …so SWIRL, take a good SNIFF, then TASTE.  NOTE: Perfume or cologne will interfere with your (and your neighbors) enjoyment; consider not wearing any when you go wine tasting.
  • Most fine wine is best served at abut 60º.  Hold your wine glass by the STEM so you don’t heat-up the wine.
  • If you don’t care for a wine on the flight, think about why, ask the staff questions. Wine captures a place, time, nature, and the skill of a winemaker. There is a reason for every wine and it’s often worth wondering why.

If you have any questions or need any recommendations, please let us know. Our staff (three sommeliers and counting) is ready to help you find your taste.