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New Age Summer Cocktails this Saturday 1 – 4 PM


We did this 2 years ago and had a lot of fun. Drop by this Saturday afternoon and enjoy 3 different cocktails made with New Age, one of our favorite spritzy summer wines.  You can learn how to make them or just sit back and enjoy.  $12 / $9 club.  Drop by anytime that afternoon (Aug. 30th)


Aug 25 – 31st — get 25% off…

last chance wine sale 2014-08-25

Currently displaying the paintings of John Jensen

John Jensen art

artist statement: My name is John Jensen, I have been married to the love of my life for 25 years, I have two grown daughters that are both artists themselves and I live in the Ojai Valley where I make artisan carved tobacco pipes, make paintings, teach martial arts and take care of six chickens and a dog. 

My artistic education is from observation, practical craftsmanship in the building trades and apprenticeship under two incredibly talented artists: Carlos Estrada-Vega and Fr. Bill Moore.

My work is meant to be taken in, to be sat with, to be engaged with on a spiritual and emotional level. It was studying the works of Antoni Tapies that I began to go on a journey of using unusual materials in order to create abstract works. It has evolved into a study in redemption. The scars, imperfections, cracks and mistakes all combine to create a sculptural work of color and depth that resolves the broken, and makes them the actual beauty of the piece. I make the wooden panels, coat them with drywall mud and then see what happens. Then I apply coat after coat of acrylic paint, sanding often between every coat. Then I finish by rubbing the surface with my bare hand to polish it into a brilliant luster, which highlights all that came before.

It is my belief that our own lives can be so. That the things that would destroy, hinder, cripple or scar us, can make us truly beautiful creatures.

I currently have works hanging in collections in Australia, Los Angeles, Ojai, Germany and Las Cruces New Mexico.

(if you would like art considered for display, please email


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